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One of the most  important branches of Psychology,  Parapsychology deals with psychic phenomena such as extrasensory perception (esp.), Clairvoyance, telepathy etc. Clairvoyance which deals with the intuitive knowledge of seeing objects beyond one’s vision is commonly associated with the words psychic, telepathy, visionary, diviner, medium or foreteller etc. In contact healing the healer positioning him/herself in close proximity is in a position to induct health benefits. While telepathy gains information from an external physical source, clairvoyance sources contemporary or hidden information from within the clairvoyant. Though Clairvoyance is mostly thought as a psychic ability it is not so in real terms.


Many mediumistic events of mediums are often quoted as an event of clairvoyance which does not come under the umbrella of the four main channels. They are psychometric, slate writing appearances in photographs and other curiosities. Most unusual for a medium is to have more than one channel open and be under control. While there are numerous anecdotal references of clairvoyance in the history and its cultures, clairvoyance has often been associated with religions and their practices. In Hindu religion, among other forms of clear experiencing clairvoyance is listed as a form of skill materializing through personal discipline and meditation. Most of the anecdotal references are of spontaneous variety among the general public like people report that they saw their loved ones who recently died before they get information from other sources that the loved one is dead. Though such of these accounts may not provide scientific proof of clairvoyance they are the motivating factors to continue the research in the area.


The very thought of clairvoyance kindles an interest to know what it means  and what it could mean  to a person .There is  every possibility that one can develop his own clairvoyant abilities  even if he does not possess one. If one wonders what clairvoyance are all about and what relationship he can have with it, he can be assured that anyone can learn it as ability as he would learn anything else. But giving a sincere try and putting forth willingness to do hard work one can discover the ability to develop the skill of clairvoyance. The few following simple steps are all that is needed to enable any one to accomplish such a feat.

The most important and foremost in developing ones own clairvoyance is to believe and accept its possibility. Positive attitude and approach will enable to succeed in developing clairvoyance. The knowledge is intuitive that may not be visible to the naked eyes and that are yet to happen. On developing clairvoyance, it could be used to understand things that could not be seen or know about the things that are yet to happen. Only when one understands how peaceful one can become on development of power, the progress in development of power could be made. To achieve this one need to develop the ability quickly to become a clairvoyant to understand the things that are not visible to five senses.


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