This awesome blog post on Psychic-Test we had to share with you.What Psychic Tools do you use?

A psychic’s tool is his best friend. While there are some psychics who prefer giving their readings without any kind of tools or mediums, most of them still continue to employ the use of tools for their readings. These tools help psychics get in touch with their psychic abilities. Here are some of the most popular tools that psychics usually use.


psychic tools

Scrying is a process of divination in which the psychic tries to determine the future of the client. Using this tool, the psychic can make out an approximation of the future. Scrying can be performed with the help of a crystal ball, tea leaves, candle smoke or even oil poured on water. Scrying almost always precedes entering into a trance. You may stare at an object for a long time and then let your eyes go out of focus. When you enter into this kind of a trance, you can begin to see a second kind of image, or a hologram. This kind of a trance can be used to view both the past and the future. As soon as you focus back on the object, you enter back into your reality.

Crystal Balls

Psychic Tool; Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are almost synonymous with gypsy fortune tellers. However, crystal balls are used successfully as a psychic tool by many psychics. Crystal balls do not show the future, and are definitely not magical. They can, however, be used as an object to induce a psychic trance. Once the psychic is in the trance, the psychic abilities become sharper and the psychic is able to see, hear and feel everything around themselves. This helps the psychic give better advice to the client.


Psychic Tool; Runes

Runes are special stones which are cast to see psychic imagery. Runes are the oldest of all psychic methods and tools employed. Even before the profession of psychics became a profession unto itself, runes were used to make imagery which was then interpreted by psychics. Psychics use the energies of the stones to send themselves into a self-induced trance. I Ching is a type of process in which runes are cast to read the future or the past.

Tea Leaves

Psychic Tool; Tea Leaves

The residue of tea leaves left in a tea cup is often used to read the future. Loose leaf tea is brewed to perform this kind of divination. To use the tea leaves, it is important to first focus on the leaves and then let your eyes go out of focus so that you can enter into a self-induced trance. Once you are in a trance, it becomes easier to read the tea leaves and identify what they are trying to tell you.

The Ouija Board

Psychic Tool; Ouija Board

We all have tried to use the Ouija board at some time or another. Children are usually most intrigued by the prospect of summoning spirits and asking them their future. Ouija board was first used in China, but it became very popular at the time of World War I as more and more people tried to contact their deceased loved ones. It is, however, important to use adequate protection when using the Ouija board as the other side can be dark, dangerous and sinister.

What are you favorite Psychic Tool?

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