spiritual_growthSpiritual growth means something different to everyone, and ultimately only we can answer, for ourselves what it truly means, but, for the most part, it can be likened to self-actualization; the idea of achieving our full potential as human beings. As we grow spiritually, we grow emotionally and mentally, as well. We learn to control our emotions, accept ourselves, and get what we truly want in life without hurting others. The markers of a spiritual person are in his or her ability to be kind and collected. No one who loses his or her temper, or has an emotional breakdown, could be said to have achieved full potential, or to have completed spiritual growth.

The question is, how do we learn to overcome our powerful urges and emotions, hold power over our minds and our senses, and stay open, loving, kind, and calm? What is the best way of completing our spiritual journeys, meeting our true selves, and becoming a whole, fully realized version of ourselves? Furthermore, how do we overcome our own vices and weaknesses and become strong, well-rounded individuals that reflect spirituality and wisdom?

In truth, all major religions are meant to serve such a function. They are intended to help us order our worlds, understand ourselves and realize our true purpose. What many of us lack today, however, is the means of following our religious path in the world as it is now. We need something that tells us how, and gives us tools for, living out our chosen religious path. For instance, we need to know how to, as Jesus said, treat our neighbors as ourselves and love our enemies. This, of course means having emotional and mental control.

The Silva Method, although it was never intended to belong to any spiritual reality, quickly proved to be a very useful religious tool. Silva mind control is a perfect way for gaining power over the senses, the thoughts, and feelings. The mental levels reached using this method are very closely related to the mindsets of devoted religious monks, nuns, and priests during prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Certain mental states can even produce the unity and euphoric bliss sought through Yoga and other practices.

The alpha mental state is one mind level that is a relaxed, aware way of interacting with the world. At this mental level, we are directly in touch with the divine, extremely perceptive, and totally in control of our minds and emotions. This state is perfect for prayer, seeking answers or guidance, and even for knowing how to counsel and read others. This means religious leaders and spiritualists can benefit as much from the Silva Method as good a scholar or an executive. This is possible because, in truth, the mind, body, and spirit are one. We may be able to think of them separately, but they are closely connected, and very capable of contacting and learning from a higher power.

The Silva Method not only recognizes the different mental levels associated with consciousness and spirituality, it can teach us how to come into and out of them at will. This means no more losing control, becoming overwhelmed by emotions, or losing our grip on our spiritual path and behaviors. We can learn how to stay in control of ourselves, which gives us the ultimate power to shake off all of our limiting fears, beliefs and habits. The Silva Method can even teach us extra sensory perception.  We can overcome addiction, hesitation and hypocrisy through stay aware of our minds and using the alpha state to keep ourselves calm, detached, and focused. These are the marks of any spiritually awakened person.

As we learn to use Silva mind control, we learn about ourselves. We gain the tools we need to overcome our own setbacks, think positive and be open and loving toward others. This means that the Silva Method doesn’t just help us on our paths, it actually is a path in itself. It can be combined with any spiritual belief to help us stay faithful, devoted and focused on who and what we want to be in the world. One of the hardest parts about being religiously devoted, is keeping our more frantic, wild or sinful nature in check, but this can be done easily when we learn that we have the ultimate control over our thoughts and emotions.

The Silva Method makes us better meditators, healers, counselors, priests, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and human beings. It is a method that works with any belief, because, while it helps us religiously, it is based on helping us control and love ourselves. No matter what your definition of spiritual growth may be, it likely includes coming to full terms with yourself, doing God’s will, and/or become the absolute best version of yourself you can be. You can use the Silva Method to deepen your religious path and enhance your spiritual experiences.


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