psychic abilitiesDo you often find yourself wondering who you were, where you lived and what you did in your past life? These questions are very intense and often nag you, preventing you from doing important work that you may otherwise be engaged in. Past life regression offers profound insight into your own life and though you may try it only for your amusement, you will realize how deeply it can influence you.

Looking back at our past lives and learning where we have come from, can help you get courage for charting previously uncharted territories and give you faith in your abilities. It also cleanses your mind and helps you grow personally. It also furnishes you with a sense of pride with all that you have achieved in your previous lives.

Psychic Abilities and Previous Incarnation

Learning who you were in your previous incarnations can be really therapeutic. In fact, when you learn about your previous incarnations, you will also find out about the traits that you carried form your previous births.  Chances are that you were very normal in your previous birth, but there are always chances that you may have been a very popular and well known personality.

There are a lot of professionals who have expertise in past life regression. Most psychologists are also trained in hypnotherapy and past life regression. You can even read about regression from various books about the subject. You can use your psychic abilities to move yourself into a trance. Once you are in a trance, past life regression can be easily achieved. However, it is best to perform this in the presence of a professional who can snap you out of your trance. Your psychic abilities can give you a gentle push in the right direction.

How to Use Your Psychic Abilities for Past Life Regression

Reflection on some questions can help you enter into the trance necessary for past life regression. Start by reflecting on your association with different places. Have you always wished to go to a specific part of the globe? Some people have a deep rooted relationship with the place that they were born in during a past life. If you have always wanted to go to a specific place, there are good chances that you may have spent one of your previous lives there. If your desire to relocate and live in some part of the world is not very logical, it is highly likely that the place is somehow associated with your past life.

If you are clairvoyant, you can use your psychic abilities to get images and flashes from your previous lives. A lot of clairvoyants are able to see specific parts of their previous lives in their dreams. You may also take a long look around yourself. Have you decorated your home with period furnishings?  If yes, it is likely that you were born in that period. The things that you surround yourself with, also often have an association with your previous lives. If you are clairsentient, you can read the energies of these things.

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